grey coshh cabinets

Elite lockers Ltd manufacturers of steel storage equipment...Lockers, Hazardous Cabinets, Cloakroom Equipment and Cupboards.

Elite trades solely with its core products to the industrial equipment catalogue industry, the Storage & Handling trade and the office furniture trade. We distribute our products throughout the UK mainland, Republic of Ireland and export to Europe and the Middle East. We offer our UK trade customers direct deliveries to the end user generally within 7 - 10 working days, within our terms and conditions.

Selected products contain Abbeysteel™ sustainably sourced steel, a unique raw material that can show a significantly reduced carbon footprint of the products that contain it and the businesses that use these products.

All hazardous and chemical safety cabinets are supplied with new GHS Labelling in-line with the new CLP Regulations relating to the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals becoming fully enforceable by June 2015.

A selection of GHS labels is supplied within each cabinet to help ensure the user has selected the correct label for use on the cabinet that is appropriate to the hazards associated with those chemicals or products to be stored within.

Information on chemical segregation is also supplied with each cabinet.

hazardous substance storage labels

Sample selection of GHS labels supplied with cabinets

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